scuttlebutt has been drawn my attention for a long time now

I first joined after seeing a presentation by @zelf at radical networks in berlin in 2018, here is the introductory post I made then

strange that so much has happened since then, but in many ways my interests are also mostly the same

since then I've met dozens of people from scuttlebutt, including @lando who I started kiezpilz with, as well as @glyph who I've worked on peachcloud with and learned a lot of mycology from

at times it feels like a global network of activists to me, much of which consists of long periods of durational devotional work typing at home, as well as experiments in alternative ways of living, with occasional moments of meeting up in person

it also sometimes feels like a religious community to me, in a nice way

I don't feel like trying to totally describe what it is, or be completely utopian or pessimistic about it

I imagine this is another feeling I share in common with members of other religious communities

my participation in the community has consisted of:

  • hosting various butts on my couch when they were travelling through berlin
  • attending solpunk in 2021
  • working on peachcloud with @glyph for two years
  • posting about various things on scuttlebutt and talking with other butts
  • creating