This page is about the organization of this wiki and website

I was inspired by digital gardens, as well as a few other things.

I wanted to collect research in a way that was more engaged than just compulsively saving things to channels (I like, but also found this heterodox piece criticizing to be resonant too), but was less polished than one-time-published pieces of writing.

I'm interested in imperfectly-hierarchical somewhat-but-not-completely-chaotic wiki organization.

First level, second level, and third level topics could be equally small or large (this is one way that I understood the meaning of a rhizome).

I wanted to create a system with some type of structure, but which could also lead to exploration and serendipity, and felt playful and easy to add to and edit.

Even the possibility of rabbit-holes within the structure, where a specific piece of the wiki, links into its own unique organizational structure inside of itself.

I wanted all the information to be searchable via community search engines like lieu, and to be able to easily save and update specific documents that I might want to return to, like recipes, or collections of links on a particular topic.

Some of the websites that inspired me included,,,, and many others.

I enjoyed tao lin writing about numbers in a way that was detailed, but also didn't necessarily take them too seriously.