Alternative Epistemologies

I may have first became interested in alternative epistemologies, while first reading about Terrence Mckenna when I was younger.

From Godels Incompleteness Theorems, to the philosophy of science, it seems even within the academic world of rationalism, the way things work cannot be as singularly and precisely pinned down, as some might have hoped.

An alternate title of this wiki could have been "Conspiracy Theory Research", (I think the bogey man that conspiracy theorists are "the problem" is ironically its own form of conspiracy theory), but to me "conspiracy" is in a way just the emotionally-dark genre of the much larger field of all knowlede-making systems which don't start with the assumption that what most people believe is true.


the world is stranger and more beautiful than the new york times would have you believe

Whatever shape earth you walk on, flat-earth theories feel to me like a deep invitation to look through your own eyes again.

Flat Earth vs Globe Earth

a general channel of resources

no liberation without curiosity towards many epistemologies

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