A Year In Review

December 21, 2019

A Year In Review
my resume
your resume
walk into a bar
creating endless output
for generations
hot showers
seemed necessary
until cold showers seemed beautiful
energy efficiency -> energy sufficiency
two nights ago I dreamed that I
was trying to get a job at a pizza restaurant
all of a sudden it all made sense
why artists work at pizza restaurants
it felt like a cosmic gift
joyfully revealing itself
feelings of relief
on the first day we were a having a meeting with the staff
and the boss was telling us
that we needed to clean and organize the restaurant
she said she wanted to add an aquarium to the main room and asked me to go find an aquarium tank
i took the train to go find the tank
somehow i took a wrong turn
i was worried i would be late
i had a stress dream about trying to find the aquarium tank store
i woke up while still trying to triangulate where the store might be
--> on the way to 2020,
with hopes of growing ecological alignment
delicious pizzas
happy solstice